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Food & Wine Pairings. The beginners guide on how to choose wine with dinner.

Cooking at Home - How to master simple Food Pairing

As Covid19 keeps us all safe and at home through this unprecedented time. I am sure many people like I have turned to cooking their favourite dishes at home, or learning how to cook that dish you have always wanted to learn but put off.

For me I have always been somewhat scared to even attempt anything with pastry. Well I decided now I do not have that excuse to convince myself not to give it a go. A quick trip down to the local food store and yes I cheated somewhat and went with frozen pastry. Picked up some mushrooms, nice jar of Dijon mustard and a fresh beef tenderloin and gave a Beef Wellington a go.  I was just simply amazed at myself, all that time putting it off and it was all reasonably easy to do. Highly recommend a quick google search and away you go.

Having cooked for the family now was the time to decide which wine would compliment my efforts to what I can only call was a good first effort. Pastry, Mushrooms, Hint of Mustard, and a Medium rare tenderloin beef.

Australian Limestone Sangiovese, medium red wine, not too heavy, allowing the flavours of both the beef wellington and the wine notes to compliment each other. Easy to drink, earthy but fruity and not too much tannin.

One nice take away in these times are, we are all spending more valuable time with our families, doing the tasks we have been putting off and trying to learn new things. Homelife is back now for sometime so make the best of it.

Print out the attached cheat sheet and pop down to your local wine shop or order a selection online and try that suggested glass with your dinner you have made.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Fun.

Stay safe and best wishes to all. 


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