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How to Celebrate during lock-down - Champagne all the way.

How to Celebrate during lock-down - Champagne all the way.

I have had many people asking me questions on our #Avina champagne stoppers and it really hits hard when we start to think more about where we are in the world right now. How many people are celebrating birthday's ?, Teen's,18th's, 21st's, 50th's, Anniversaries Paper to Gold, the list goes on.

Imagine for those of us that travel or have children overseas either with family or education and you have always planned to fly over and surprise them or fly them home to celebrate. Some are simply locked down in countries unable to get back home to their families. I am sure with the safety lock down's  going on around the world for so long - we have all missed someone's celebration.

Well here's our take on it. We need to make the most of a bad situation and celebrate as best we can.

* Handmade Skills - Pinterest, Old School Blue Peter or Tony Hart memories

* IT Conferencing - Zoom, House party, Google Hangout

* Champagne - Moet, Veuve, Laurent Perrier, Dom Perignon, Kristal + + + 

* Favorite Food - Home-cooked favorites or a take away delivery.

Here is where those art classes as school come into effect. Handmade cards, make shift wrapping paper from those Amazon or Lazada delivered presents.

We have been using Zoom, Google Hangout and House party. We personally like Zoom. It is simple to download easy to use and can get lots of people on it. Just send the conference ID and password to everyone you can think of and log in. What is even more fun is the virtual backgrounds.  Pick a picture of birthday boy or girl and upload it to the background. This always creates some giggles.

Just do not forget those with relatives around the globe a good time in Asia is the early morning or later in the evening to capture Europe, Uk and USA.

Virtual partying isn't that bad, in fact can be good fun and that perfect excuse to catch up with relatives and friends that "we are always too busy for !!" 

What champagne is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

One of the questions I had recently was its my mother's birthday and we would really like to celebrate but Champagne is so expensive and we wont finish it as only 2 of us in the house. 

This was what made me decide to to write this piece. Firstly my solution was of course the Avina Champagne Stopper. But why i really wanted to highlight this was this ergonomic Stopper is a complete game changer. It is relatively inexpensive, it is leak proof, unbreakable and the simplistic of drinks tools to use.

Simply pop it into the neck of the champagne bottle and clip the top over. The expansion ring will seal the bottle and capture your bubbles.

We have all used the old hang a teaspoon in the bottle to capture the bubble but i have yet to dig into the history of this. Seems to work for a few hours at least. 

Well for those of you celebrating and pondering over opening that nice bottle of champagne but worried about not finishing. Let's do it, pop the cork, pour yourselves a glass each and seal it back up with our champagne stoppers.

I couldn't think of anything better than celebrating the day after and the day after that too !!

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Everything. There is always an excuse to celebrate is our moto. Lets look onward and upwards. Wish everyone good morning each day and wish for a bright and healthy tomorrow. 

Stay Safe,

Team Winesave.


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