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Wine Not ? Whats the best time to try different wines ?

Wine Not ? Whats the best time to try different wines ?

Having recently completed a WSET course, learning and trying numerous bottles of different wines, different grapes, different areas. It dawned on me just how much there is to learn even at an entry level. With over 18 to 20 bottles of wine to taste, not only was it absolutely great especially on a Saturday morning but somewhat of a struggle to remember the various notes and differences.  

Yes we all have our favourites of course and we are always looking at the different wines for sale either on the shelves when we were allowed out and now online through the various online bottle shops and vineyards but when do we ever deviate to try something new?

What is it that stops us from picking up those extra few bottles to try. Is it the price or is it the fact we are unsure we are going to like it.

Well one thing I have tried to do through this lock down period and having move time on my hands is trying different wines.

What a perfect opportunity to try out the different varieties.

It is easy in the classroom when a bottle is opened and there are 6 or 7 of you to pour out for and finish the bottle.

But it is not so easy when you are at home and naturally takes discipline to not just open the first bottle and finish it all defeating the whole objective to taste, try and learn. Our natural instinct is to finish the whole bottle for fear of wastage, spoilage and cost. 

If you have noticed through social media and we have certainly been pushing the wine sellers to come up with bundles that there has now been an increase in wine bundles and wine packages. 5 French Reds, 5 French Whites,  New World 3 red's 3 white's, bundle of 5 rosé's etc. These are great opportunities to try something different. Especially when you can purchase them at slightly discounted pricing and try them at home. 

One of our suggestions and of course it leans towards our product offerings but why not.

Is get online at your favourite wine store and order up a selection of wines, enjoy the bundle prices and packages. 

With winesave you can and i certainly recommend this, open up 3 of your 5 red's / white's or whatever you chose.

Pour yourself just a small tasting of each preferably in 3 glasses, grab a notebook and pen and write down what you like, what you think what you taste in the wine. Perhaps try it again. Then grab your can of winesave a one second release of argon gas into the neck of the bottle recap and put it away for the next day and repeat. What better way to get to know the wine. I for one cannot do it in one go. I like to taste, smell and come back to it so I start to remember the characteristics of the wine I choose.

Suggestion sites to check out

Bargain Wine bundles: Drink & Co
Bargain 20% off Riedel Wine Glasses: Cellarmaster Wines

If you do get to the end of this article and you have indeed started to try different wines. Please keep us posted on your favourites. Let us know which wines you have really liked and post them up in the comments below. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy 

Team Winesave.


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